Tonight's Webinar Details

The flurry of bidding activity at today's tax sales has created a unique opportunity for you to “claim” money that is rightfully owed to tax sale foreclosure victims.

You see… when houses are sold at tax foreclosure auctions, the “leftover”
money (anything above the amount owed in taxes) is called an Overage.

These overages can amount to TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars (even $100s of $1000s), but there’s a catch…

The owner has to ASK for it.

If they don’t, the government keeps it.

There is an estimated $32 billion of this “free money” waiting to be claimed –
money that requires very little work to get.

That’s where you come in…

You can get this money for the foreclosure victim and collect a finder’s fee
of 30% to 40%.

Average finder’s fees range from $3,500 to $7,500… but can easily break

In fact, on tonight’s webinar you’ll see 3 of these “free money deals”
that would result in a payout to the FINDER (which could be you) of:


Oh, and one more thing…

This happens FAST.

You can get paid in just 2 to 4 weeks.

Your link to join the webinar at 9PM ET tonight:

On the webinar, you’ll learn:

1. The 5 simple steps to doing these deals and getting paid. You’ll learn
how to get the list of people owed money (Claimants), how to locate them
(using just your computer), how to get the owner to work with you, how to
secure your fee, and the best (and final) step… how to GET PAID.

2. Why this is the easiest, most painless way to make money with real estate
I’ve ever seen. Even though you’re technically dealing with houses, all you’re
really doing is “moving money around” and getting your piece. You are NOT
buying or selling anything… you’re NOT flipping or renting houses… and you
are NOT using your own cash or credit to do these deals.

3. How to make your first finder’s fee check of $3,500 to $7,500 (or more)
in 60 days or less. These types of deals move FAST… and it typically takes 6 to 8
weeks to get this “free money” check from the government. You’ll learn how to setup
these deals so the check comes to YOU first so you’re guaranteed to get your cut before
the Claimant gets their money.

4. How to do this from anywhere in your spare time. This is the ultimate “freedom”
business. You can do this from all 50 states in the U.S. and even Canada! You’ll learn
the hottest areas in the country to find “free money” deals… and how to do EVERYTHING
from the comfort of your home using snail mail, phone, and computer. You will never
need to go to the county office or meet Claimants in person.

5. How to outsource the little “work” there is to Virtual Assistants (VAs).
You’ll learn how to get VAs to find Claimants for you, contact them, and get
the deals lined up FOR YOU. All you have to direct these folks and collect
your checks!

6. Why this is one of the easiest, fastest ways to make money right now. The
fiscal crisis has resulted in a HUGE stockpile of “free money” to be claimed.
All you have to do is ask for it.

Get on the webinar to get all the details and find out how you can take advantage
of this amazing opportunity NOW while it’s still hot.