Tax-Delinquent Property

There are hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of tax-delinquent properties in every county in the United States at any given time.

Each and every one of these properties has a story.

Maybe the owner is just a little late and will catch up.

But a significant number of tax-delinquent owners will find the need to sell at some point in the tax sale process, and you'll discover exactly how to pinpoint the most likely owner to be motiviated to sell to you - often for peanuts.

Here's where you'll find a TON of "don't-wanters" - and many of these properties have no mortgage.


As time passes, banks pay off delinquent taxes on properties with mortgages. The properties that remain as the county gets ready to have their tax sale auction, usually have no mortgage.

How to "Farm" Tax-Delinquent Property

-Get a list of ALL tax-delinquent property for your county in electronic (spreadsheet) format from your county. This list may even be online free.

-Sort out "worthless" properties, corporate owned, consolidate owners with multiple properties, etc

-Market to tax delinquent owners, especially out-of-state absentees

-Collect your returned mail and track down missing owners-Make offers and quickly flip to cash buyers

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