Success Stories

"How They Did It"

Working This System Can...and HAS Changed Lives.

rickheadshotOne thing you'll quickly discover about me, is that I "tell it like it is".

Try this on for size: Most of my students fail to make any money, or even lose money!

Why? Most take no action! And most of the rest give up too early before they have a chance to make something happen.

However, I sleep easy. I know that tax-delinquent property is an incredible opportunity in any market, and not because I have some "magical gift". Anyone who puts my experience into practice can make a great living.

Almost every day I see how my materials have changed the lives of dedicated students who have followed the step-by-step instructions I had to spend so much time to develop.

Most of these success stories were submitted before we had even developed the Free and Clear Foreclosures Program - these students often had to come up with cash to buy these properties. Imagine the opportunity now when you have a system at your disposal to find these deals faster and easier, sell to cash buyers, and keep your cash in your pocket. Or allow you to get involved even if you have little cash.

Here are a few students whose lives changed drastically, shortly upon getting started.


Here's a "before and after" story with Bill in New Jersey, one of my first subscribers:

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Chip Adams Wrote:

I wanted to give you my success story. But 1st I wanted to give you a quick background on myself. I have always looked at ways to get ahead, and have busted my butt to no avail. I have no college education, but a great work ethic. I have what I would consider average intelligence. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 28 years. We have 3 kids 25, 22,& 16.

I have tried a lot of things in the course of my lifetime to get ahead, but nothing has ever produced results, even though I did everything that was taught. I have spent a lot of money to keep trying though.

Because of being in the home building business and the economy going south I went from making a 6 figure income to nothing basically. That’s when I came across Deegrabber. I figured I would learn some things and try and put them to use, but in the back of my head after trying so many different things out there and spending so much money on them I was thinking this would probably just be another one of them, but I was so wrong because I have to tell you what my 1st deal produced.

I located an out of state owner that had 4- 40 acre parcels that were at risk of being lost with about 1 month to go. I found the property was valued to be around $180,000.

I wrote him an offer of $35,000 all to be paid at closing, but I was smart enough to put in my purchase agreement with him after finding no liens, judgments, mortgages, etc. After I got clear title, I decided to contact an online auction/real estate broker and have them do a market analysis for me and they asked me what I wanted to get out of it, I told them that I would like to get $100,000 they came back & said they were pretty confident that they could get close to that.

We put it for an online auction 1 month down the road. I had $37,000 into this land with all my costs, I sold it all for $104,000, so my profit for my very 1st deal was $67,000 I can't thank you enough for what you have taught me Rick.

Thank You So Much.


Awesome deal, Chip. This would have been a good candidate for the technique found in Free and Clear Foreclosures and could probably have been done with a cash buyer's money!

Dan Poggione Wrote:


I started working your program by sending out about 75 letters. The undeliverable mail started coming back in about 3 weeks and I started skip tracing several targeted people and checking daily on several other promising properties. During this time I did receive a few calls as a result of my letters mostly from people looking for loans.

One lady said she only needed about $800 more and she would pay the taxes. Shortly before the sale, I had exhausted all of my leads except the ones being skip traced. I was disappointed and decided to move on to another area. But before doing so, I went back through all of the properties where some contact had been made and where the owners said they were going to pay, but had not as of the December 6th.

I finally hit pay dirt with the lady who said she was only short $800 for payment of her taxes. As it turned out, she was not able to get the money together and was willing to sign the property over for a payment to her of only $600 plus the taxes and a $5,500 first deed of trust. The property was assessed at $37,000 by the county, but current market value was determined to be about $21,000. I was able to close the deal at the title company with 2 hours to spare before the deadline.

I ended up closing the sale in about a month. It sold for $24,500, with $2,500 down, and I carried a $22,000, 96 month note @11% interest with a balloon payment of $18,433. I am now marketing the note and expect it to sell for about $18,000. The end result will be a net profit of $10,375 after all costs.

Your program makes more sense than anything else I have seen, anywhere. It is relatively simple, requires very little start-up capital, is very low risk and of course it is very profitable.

For those people considering the program, but are short on capital, I would suggest using a private investor for at least your first few deals. You can either borrow the funds needed and pay interest or bring the investor in for a percentage of the profits. Either way, it will get you off the ground and running. Don’t pass up this opportunity for a lack of investment capital. It is available, just go get it now so you can reap the benefits.

Dan, I agree that lack of startup capital is not a reason not to get started, especially with the techniques we've developed in the Free and Clear Foreclosures program!

Dozens more stories have come in like this, but you get the picture! If now is your time to succeed, then get started with Free and Clear Foreclosures!