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DeedGrabber Study Course

Your own hardcopy version of "Go Ahead, Be a DeedGrabber" in a sturdy binder for reference.

  • How to research your state's tax sale system
  • How to find property owners in tax trouble
  • What to say on the phone and in your letters
  • How to evaluate the properties
  • Selling properties for maximum profit in minimum time
DeedGrabber Legal Forms
CD and Guide

All the everyday documents you'll need plus some! Includes guide for usage (not legal advice)

Includes: 3 Purchase Agreement Versions, Quitclaim Deed, Authorization to Release Information, Power of Attorney, Judgment Affidavit, Same Name Affidavit, Affidavit of Heirship (sample), Assignment of Expected Inheritance, Equity Sharing agreement, and many LLC documents developed at an expense of over $5000!

DeedGrabber QuickStart CD

This is really a pretty simple business! We're just going to obtain public records (available to anyone) showing who is delinquent on taxes, and we're going to check in with the owner to see if they have everything under control.

Along the way, we'll find plenty of "don't wanters" with tons of equity! Get going fast with the Quick Start CD - it's exactly what you have to do and no more!

60 Minute Interview with Jackie Lange of

We covered DeedGrabbing from start to finish for Jackie's audience in this 60 minute teleconference - and some advanced topics as well!

Great for listening on the go.

Live Seminar DVD

Recorded at our local REIA a couple years ago, I go over the contrasts of investing at the tax sale directly, and buying from owners.

HINT: Buying from the owners has a lot of advantages!

(Online Access Only )

"Best Of" DeedGrabber Teleconference Series

Over the years I've gotten to know real people who have become experts in at least one area of DeedGrabbing. In this series:

  • Jay of Boston on Getting Lists
  • Coach Mitch on Tax-Delinquent Property AND the $1 Option!
  • Phone skills with my assistant Michelle

Almost 8 hours of material - listen on your Ipod!


NEW: DeedGrabber Membersite AND Forum!

Not only will you have instant (and permanent) access to almost all your materials in one place, you will get lifetime admission to the DeedGrabber Member Forum (a $39/month value) for NO CHARGE. Easily a $397 value even over the course of only one year! We will begin charging new members every month for access soon, so secure your lifetime pass NOW!

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