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"List-Processing Wizard" Software!


When you get a list of tax-delinquent leads from your county, it can contain up to 200,000 records!

It can really help to have a software program process this list for you so it's ready to mail (this is the exact software WE use to process the lists).

By pressing a few buttons, you can use the software to:

1Correctly format owner name and address for mailing and/or skiptracing

1Eliminate properties outside a specified assessed value range (cut out worthless land and million-dollar houses)

1Consolidate owners who own multiple properties into one listing, so you don't send multiple letters to the same person

1Eliminate properties that owe too much in taxes compared to their value

1Isolate the owners who live outside the county (absentee owners are the BEST leads!)

1Separate out corporate owners, who you may wish to avoid mailing to

This task used to take us hours every time we got a list - now it takes minutes! Get the software we had developed for us here at right on your own computer!


Watch the Software Shred Through Tens of Thousands of Delinquent Property Records in Minutes!

View or Download a larger, clearer version of the video HERE (right click to download)





List Processing Wizard Software Only $197 with immediate download and video training.