Legal Forms


All the Forms I Use Every Day in My Business -
And How I Use Them!

From: Rick Dawson

No, I'm not an attorney...but I've "shown a thing or two" to some REAL attorneys who aren't used to doing real estate and tax sale transactions.

I've put together all the forms I use to do my real estate transactions. You might have to modify them a bit for your state (in fact, I highly encourage you to have an attorney look these over prior to use).

I'll also show you how I use them in my business, in the included explanation guide.

Included in the package:

1 3 Types of Purchase Agreements - A Typical "Realtor"-Type Contract, a "Walkaway Owner" Contract, and a "Contingent on Title and Inspection" Contract. I'll show you when to use each.
1 Quit Claim Deed - After you read the Guide, you'll see why this is the only type of deed we use. With minor adjustments it should be ready to use in your state.
1 Small Estates Affidavit - In many states you can avoid probate completely if an owner passes away and the estate is valued at under a certain amount (they almost all are!). See how we handle this opportunity in Indiana.
1 Assignment of Heirship Interest - Did you know you can "step into the shoes" of an heir even when probate hasn't been completed? You can buy out an heir's interest in a property and document it with this form
11 Survivorship Affidavit - Clearing a spouse or "joint tenant" who has passed away, from the title, is usually a piece of cake and we use this form.
1 Authorization to Release Information - Sometimes you'll want to make some inquiries about liens or other issues relating to the property - this will allow you to do so once the seller signs.
11 Limited Power of Attorney - This allows you to sign on the seller's behalf for all matters relating to the property.
1 Letter of Agreement and Addendum - Taking the property with some liens attached - make sure the seller signs this in case you don't end up paying them off!
1 Plus several others...
1 AND a Guide Showing How I Use Them - I can't advise you directly how to use the forms - but I CAN tell you how I've used them successfully the last 10 years!

These forms have cost me hundreds of dollars to put together (one of the first things I did was invest in a legal seminar 10 years ago for almost $1000).

But you can have these for a fraction of that amount.

PLUS these huge bonuses:

Value: $2000 Series LLC Operating Agreement - We developed this as an alternative to holding properties in trusts. If trusts are tricky in your area, you can start ONE Series LLC and then create "series" from there for only $50 each in Illinois. Then hold individual properties in their own "series". Great for partner deals with either an owner or investor. Take it to your attorney and save thousands in development costs!
Value: $500 Series LLC Schedule - A separate schedule is created for each series - and you'll use this document.
Value: $500 Partner Agreement (for owners) - We frequently "partner up" with owners when saving properties from tax sale. We'll get the property out of the tax sale and sell it, splitting the proceeds with the owner.

The DeedGrabber Legal Package - Only $49