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The DeedGrabber Story


Rick Dawson”DeedGrabber Story”

Rick Dawson started in real estate by fixing and reselling or renting houses and apartments.

Along the way Rick noticed that a lot of the properties he was buying, originally came from a tax sale – and he decided to get involved.

At the next tax lien sale in his home county, Rick purchased over a dozen tax liens. It was then that he learned a harsh reality: almost all tax liens pay interest only, not the property!

Thinking about the owners on the other end who WERE losing their properties occasionally to other investors, Rick began working with the owners to purchase their property for as little as $200 plus the taxes owed, right before the sale.

Tax sale investors were peaved that Rick was “grabbing a deed” to the property right before these investors they were about to get a rare property – and started calling him the “DeedGrabber”!

Michelle Hamm

Around this time, Michelle Hamm came on board to help with the huge volume of properties Rick was buying and selling.

Over a short time, Michelle became skilled at skiptracing and speaking with owners on the phone – and often negotiated and set up deals for Rick.

Today Michelle handles many day-to-day tasks at Deedgrabber.com including customer service – she’s the one you’ll talk to when you call the 800 number!

Michelle has done actual deals – so if you need assistance with some aspect of Deedgrabbing, give her a ring!  Just call (800) 242-5410