Gonzo Investing!

The Course That Completely Changed the Rules of the Real Estate Investing Game...

"Advanced (Yet Simple) Secrets Most Pros Have Had to Learn THE HARD WAY About Profiting From Real Estate (Myself Included!)"

Don't spend the first few years of your investing career making all the same mistakes I and countless others have made! Or worse yet, doing nothing at all because it's so confusing. It turns out there are a few simple secrets that, when followed, almost ensure your success in any real estate investing venture. And they're all right here in Gonzo Investing by Joe Kaiser.

What's inside...

-An advanced (yet simple) 10 step strategy to get you all the way from identifying potential monster deals to cashing your monster check (Pages 95-136)

-What makes a deal a deal(HINT: It's not one thing, it's 3! And the most important might surprise you!)

-The two most common myths in real estate investing. These "suck in" 90% of beginning investors and veterans alike. Combine them and get even more disasterous results!

Follow the 10-step strategy and you'll be in the top 5% of investors in the marketplace now...no, make that 1%.

Beware of these traps...

"Technique of the Week"

With 99% of investors unaware of the immense opportunity that exists in EVERY marketplace (good or bad), the "profit with no equity crowd" is getting larger and larger - and banks are getting wiser and wiser! How about a "push button" software that gets you deals while you sleep?

Sorry! Ain't such a thing.

Once you've downloaded "Gonzo Investing" you'll see:

-Why you MUST concentrate on properties with equity (they're out there - they're just "hiding". We'll show you where to find them)

-Why the "WIN/WIN deal" is truly a myth. The truth? Every individual real estate transaction is a zero-sum transaction. Give all the chips to the seller, and you'll suffer.

-How to determine the TRUE expected profit from a deal. Many an investor has lost their shirt overestimating profits - and this has little to do with overestimating the value of the property.

Forget "No-Equity Properties"!

I know from experience how tough it is to attempt to profit from properties with no equity - luckily, properties that are "in trouble" often have HUGE equity. You just have to know where to find them!

In yesteryear's crazy-high real estate market, I was forced to ask myself:

"With these spend-happy investors buying up everything in sight, how am I going to find properties with equity...at a rock-bottom price?"

Find them I did - using the techniques in Joe Kaiser's Gonzo Investing course.

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Best of all?

-My marketing expenses almost disappeared. I soon fired my "partners" - the newspaper, the answering service, the bandit sign maker, and the office staff.

-My phone stopped ringing (mostly anyway). What a great day it was to talk to my last seller wanting full price and all cash for his property! (HINT: To get the monster deals, you're going to buy properties that aren't 'For Sale')

No big cash outlays or mortgages. When you're a "hired gun" these just don't come into play.

You'll discover these secrets and many more in "Gonzo Investing".

A One-Year, $697 Training Course...Available for Instant Download for $97!

I took the "Gonzo Investing" training course in 2006, and my investing career changed forever.

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Here's what you need to do now. Download Gozno investing, and quickly learn how to be a HIRED GUN. Hired guns only do high-equity deals with extremely motivated sellers - and that's the only place you want to be.

And no, hired guns don't throw their cash around - they only play the game when a nearly certain profit is at hand.

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Rick Dawson
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P.S. - Remember, this is the exact training that led to my DeedGrabber technique - and lifted me from broke landlord to "hired gun".