Advanced: “Found Money”!

If you weren't able to catch a property before it was lost to tax sale, don't beat yourself up - because it may have received a high bid at the tax sale.

If so, there is likely a large sum of money due to the owner who lost the property - these funds are called "surplus funds", "overages", "excess funds", even "unclaimed tax sale funds".

In many states, if the county auctions a property and receives a lot more money for the property than the amount the county was owed (the tax amount), the county must pay those funds over to the former owner upon request.

Fact is, many former owners never learn of the existence of these funds which can range from a few dollars to over $100,000.

We can earn FAST cash by locating these unclaimed tax sale funds (it's all public record), contacting the owner, and recovering the funds for them.

We'll typically earn a 40-50% finder fee for delivering this unexpected windfall to the former owner.

Profiting from 'Found Money'
-After the tax sale, request a list of unclaimed tax sale overages from the county

-Locate the claimants using the internet

-Send letters and call the claimants - offer to assist them in obtaining their funds

-Collect the funds for up to 50% finder fee"

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