Find Missing Claimants with this New Tool

Find Missing Owners News alert - find missing claimants of tax sale overages with this easy, cheap, and EFFECTIVE people search tool.

Your best deals will often require you to find missing claimants.

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Thorough Searches - Amazingly Deep Results (Find Relatives)

This site runs the subject through many different searches, and we've found that most come up with good data.  You can see relatives right on the opening search.

No Difficult Qualifications (anyone can sign up!)

The best skiptracing tools are now restricted to attorneys and private investigators - but this one requires no qualifications.

Unlimited Searching Each Month

Some of the better sites out there that you can subscribe to work well, but they charge "per-search" - use this on an unlimited basis all month for the same monthly subscription fee.

Find Missing Claimants - Around $22/Month or less!

It's cheap!  One month is about $23, and if you like it, subscribe for a six month period for only $9 or so per month!


Check out right now - start a sample search, and then you'll be offered several membership options - these start at $9 per month if you commit to 6 months, and you can try it for one month at only $22 or so - this is what you have been waiting for - tested successfully by staff.