Free and Clear Foreclosures

Make just a few minor but important changes in your business and you can...

"Buy and Sell an Unlimited Number of Tax Sale Properties Without Attending Sales or Risking Your Money!"

Would you like to tap into a group of properties that are in the process of being foreclosed - even though, ironically, most are free and clear of mortgages and have loads of equity? Properties with uncaring, unemotional sellers who just want out?

How would you like to lock in your profit on any deal, and know the amount of profit you'll make (to the penny!), before jumping in?

As crazy as that sounds (especially in today's uncertain marketplace), tax sale insiders all over the country are doing just that.

And they're doing it by making just a few minor changes in the way they're running their tax sale business.

Turn the Real Estate Flipping Process 'Upside Down'

That's what smart real estate dealmakers are doing now.

What's normally one of the last steps of a real estate flip? Find a buyer, right?

Not anymore..

Today, you need to GET YOUR BUYER FIRST. A cash buyer who is ready to close in days or even hours.

They're not hard to find - in fact, you can download the name and address of every cash buyer who purchased a property in your county last year, right now! I downloaded 1101 cash buyers in a matter of minutes here in Lake County, IN.

Do you see how POWERFUL this new development is?

We don't need to put our own money into deals anymore - because if a cash buyer isn't ready to "pounce" on our deal and get it closed, what's the point? I already have every single cash buyer in my county from from the last two years on my list - there aren't too many more out there!


"Sounds Great Rick! But the Economy's Terrible, Banks Aren't Lending

and the Cash Buyers Are Gone!"

Have you watched the evening news lately? You'd think the US economy is about to grind to a halt!

The fact is, while there are a lot of people hurting right now, there are also more people than ever with LOTS of cash. And they're getting antsy to invest it into something "real".

With interest rates near zero, trillions of dollars in "funny money" being injected into the economy each year, and real estate hitting bottom, a lot of investors sitting on cash feel it's time to buy. And I can't say I disagree with them.

And why not, when income from rents in some areas can "pay off" a cash investment in a property in just a few years.

Don't take my word for it, look at the consistent news reports from all over the country:

These guys are everywhere! Not only did I download every single cash buyer in my county, I also grabbed the names and addresses of all the tax sale bidders and mortgage foreclosure buyers from the last couple years. And those are just 2 of my 8 additional sources of local real estate 'players'!

Just look at all those bidders crammed in that auction room! Hmmm, do you think they would rather brave that madhouse, or choose from several properties I'll be getting in this week (and next!), on which they will do no bidding, endure no waiting, pay no lawyers, and inspect inside and out until their hearts are content?

"Uh, Rick, how do I get on your Priority Property Notification List again?"

Tax Sale Property Owners

So we have our buyers. How are we going to get the properties without attending the sale like everyone else? We'll go straight to the source - the owners who are at risk of losing the properties!

The owners of tax sale property are really quite a 'different lot' than any other motivated seller group you'll encounter. For example, contrast them with owners facing mortgage foreclosure:

Owners Facing Mortgage Foreclosure:
Owners of Tax Sale Property:
  • Little or No Equity Due to Recent Price Declines
  • Emotional - Wants to Keep Property
  • Higher Level of Personal Investment in Property
  • Lives in Property (Owner Occupant)
  • Purchased the Property Personally
  • Can Be Difficult to Deal With
  • Have Heard From Dozens of Investors Already!
  • High Equity - Often Delinquent Tax is the Only Debt
  • Indifferent - Willing to Sell or Even Give Away
  • Property is Usually an Inheritance
  • Lives Elsewhere, Even Out of State
  • Property Thrown in Their Lap
  • Usually Easier to Deal With
  • We're Usually the First to Call or Write!

Tax sale property owners are not only able to give you a hassle-free deal on their unwanted real estate (they already have high equity - no fancy tricks required), they're often more inclined to give you a deal for the reasons above.

They have given up, they want the property out of their hair, they could use a little cash, their Creator just never equipped them mentally to be a property owner; who knows! Like I said, they're a 'different lot'!

Once there's a tax foreclosure somewhere out in the future to get the seller serious about the situation, you step into the picture. Or using certain techniques, you'll detect that the seller has completely walked away from the property way before the tax deadline.

Crazy, huh? How many of these sellers could there actually be out there? In one mid-sized county in Florida, we just identified over 5,000 tax-delinquent properties that fit our buying/selling criteria - and over 200 that we immediately put on our "Hot Sheet".

I like to keep a "Hot Sheet" of 100-200 properties that our software has identified as most likely to produce a deal for us - it keeps us focused on working only the most profitable leads.

You know what else I like? We don't have to try to search for these property owners with bandit signs or ads; the county keeps track of them for us! Online!

This is the Time You've Been Waiting For

A huge source of free and clear foreclosures with equity... motivated owners and a buyers overwhelming tax lien and deed sales throughout the country...and Wall Street about to inject billions of additional dollars into tax delinquencies throughout the country, sending even more properties into the is the time to get started, don't ya think?

Wall Street?!?!? Again?

The investment of billions of additional dollars into tax liens and other government debts is going to keep our supply of tax-delinquent properties healthy for a LONG time - reports of Wall Street investors pumping $100 water bills into $4000 legal nightmares are all over the news!

Could Tax-Delinquent Properties Turn Things Around For You and

Even Help Build YOUR Fortune?

You've heard it before and you'll hear it again, gurus "pitching" their products, saying "join now" because "this is the best thing out there" and if you "sign up today the money will start rolling in tomorrow."

Sorry, but I can't make you that promise and won't insult your intelligence with those kinds of silly claims.

But, do I know an excellent opportunity when I see one?

Yes, I've pretty much made a career out of it.

Do I think this is one of those opportunities?

Yes, I do.

Have I personally purchased hundreds of tax-delinquent properties?


Is it for everyone?

Probably not.

If you're already making a decent income doing something you love, and if that something improves the lives of the people around you as well as the community as a whole, then keep right on doing what you're doing because this isn't for you.

Who is it for?

The easiest way to find out is to ask yourself these questions . . .

Is your J-O-B something you'd like to F-O-R-G-E-T, and the sooner, the better?
Is the time to tell your boss to "take this job and shove it" long overdue, but you can't imagine the day you actually hear those words rolling off your tongue?
Does it kill you to have to say "no" to your kids or family members because you can't afford to give them the things they need?
1 Are your dreams of making a great living and having "nice things" now stowed away in some musty footlocker up in the attic, or maybe lost and gone forever?
1 Have you ever been driving around with nothing much on your mind and notice your entire net worth consists of the spare change in your car ashtray?

If that sounds like you or your current situation, this program is exactly what you're looking for.

And just so you know, between you and me, it wasn't that many years ago I was in the very same boat.

This is How Your Life Will Change Once Your

Tax-Delinquent Property Business Is Up and Running

1 "Instant profits" begin showing up so regularly you'll practically be able to set your watch by them.
1 Forget about wimpy little paychecks. The real estate business, by its nature, creates MONSTER, 5-figure checks that go "thud" whenever they hit your bank account. Thud is gooooooood.
1 You'll experience the wonderful sense of "righting a wrong" whenever you prevent a property from being lost at a tax sale over just a few hundred or a few thousand dollars - putting potentially thousands of dollars into the rightful owner's pocket AND INTO YOURS!
1 I'm not anti-government or anything close to it. I just know that I could not be involved in trying to forcefully take someone else's property over a few thousand dollars in taxes, and I get excited about being on the 'other' side - helping the seller to get some cash from their property while profiting myself.

Yes, in this crazy economy one thing is certain . . . property tax delinquencies won't be slowing down any time soon. And now that even Wall Street has entered the tax lien game, the tax-delinquent property business has never been better positioned than it is right now!

11 If you're fortunate enough to take this business and run with it, there are almost no boundaries to keep you from growing it as big as you want. If your state isn't particularly tax-sale friendly, there's nothing to stop you from working a neighboring state or one across the country.
1 There were many years where I made an average income and led an average existence, and that was fine. Really, I have no complaints and know I did the best I could. Indeed, I "learned a lot". But I have to tell you, enjoying some of the nicer things that only money can buy is vastly better. There's no way of getting around the fact that right or wrong, money solves problems. Not all, of course, but enough, and knowing there's money in the bank really does make those "how are we going to pay these bills" fears a thing of the past.
1 Are you getting a paycheck from a job you hate but can't even think about quitting because that job is your lifeline? Now, I'm in no way suggesting you quit your job. That would be foolish. But you know as well as I know that that paycheck is your very own set of "golden handcuffs." The day you replace it with an independent income stream all your own is the day you remove those shackles and live life to its fullest.
1 If you've never experienced a $25,000 check, it may be hard to understand what I'm about to say. But if you have, you know how great it is to be in a business where the possibility of huge checks showing up is real. If your current business doesn't allow for $25k checks in your mailbox, it's time to find one that does. You really need "big profit potential," and nothing allows for that like high-equity real estate owned by careless sellers.
1 My favorite of all is I get to be my own boss . . . and so can you. That means we don't need some fancy office. I work right from my own home, set my own hours, and if I decide to take the afternoon off, I don't have to ask anyone for permission, I just lock the door behind me and off I go.

"Show Me the Money, Sonny!"

You're smart or you wouldn't be here, on that much we can agree. You know the difference between fact and hype and can sniff out a scam a mile away.

Me too.

And even though you may already know me or were recommended by someone who does, I think it's important to prove I'm not just out to sell you on a dream.

Yes, this is a real business with real profits.

The best kind of proof, I believe, is settlement statements. Real, honest-to-goodness HUD-1 settlement statements that demonstrate real money my students and I have collected and put in our pockets from tax-delinquent property deals.

Adam Did It

My old college buddy Adam lost his construction management job of 10 years last January. With a growing family, things got tight real quick when that paycheck stopped coming in. We met for lunch and I got him going on our county's tax sale list.

Within weeks, he had completed his first "as-is" tax-delinquent property deal (right here in my own home county!):


Adam hit at least a double on his first 'at bat'! Over $11,000 profit within weeks, and no rehabbing or retailing to a buyer getting a mortgage. He priced the house right, and it sold in days. Perfect deal to pass on to a cash buyer!

Pretty typical situation with the seller, too: Adam found the owner in Florida by doing an internet search, called him up, and they negotiated a $5000 price for the house while the seller was shopping at Wal-Mart!

Do you think that owner would have gotten a penny out of that house if Adam hadn't come along? NO WAY! Adam did that owner a great service and in the process made over $11,000 for himself.

Dan P. from Pensacola, Florida, did his FIRST Deal in Washington State!

Dan P. From Pensacola, FL Said:

"Don't pass up this is available, go get it now so you can reap the benefits!"

I started working your program November 1, 2010, in the State of Washington by sending out about 75 letters. I hit pay dirt with a lady who said she was only short $800 for payment of her taxes. As it turned out, she was not able to get the money together and was willing to sign the property over for a payment to her of only $600 plus the taxes and a $5,500 first deed of trust.

I ended up closing a sale on January 12, 2011. It sold for $24,500, with $2,500 down, and I carried a $22,000, 96 month note @11% interest

Dan, now I think you're just showing off!

Seriously though, this goes to show that, with the tools we have available to use today, we truly DO NOT need to work our local area! If your area isn't having a tax sale this moment, you can still be a player!

One of the things I love about this business is that you can sell a lot of properties with owner financing, and often collect more as a down payment from your buyer, than you have in the deal altogether! This means that all the payments you collect in the future are pure profit! Looks like Dan did that here.

Can you still find a buyer first, when selling with owner financing? Of course!

Want cash flow with no capital investment? I'll show you how it's done with tax-delinquent property.

Out of State Deals?

They're no "biggie" once you get used the fact that you're NOT taking any risks until you're confident of a payday. In fact my biggest deal to date took place in Washington DC, hundreds of miles away from where I live. We also have a lot of Florida deals under our belt - here's one:

This was actually a mobile home on owned land - and the seller lived the next town over from me right here in Indiana! What are the chances? Remember - if you want to win, you have to play!

How About "Monster" Deals?

I love that term (coined by my friend Joe Kaiser, I believe) to describe a payday from one deal that's so large, it's almost hard to believe it's happening to you. A monster check is something that WILL change your life immediately.

A few of them can change your life PERMANENTLY. I hardly had to come out of pocket on EITHER of these monster deals - because the owners agreed let me pay them their purchase price AFTER I sold - and I had time before the tax deadline.




You're Having a Hard Time Raising Capital!::

SOLUTION :: When you work with tax-delinquent property and cash buyers, you don't need capital! You'll be lining up the deals, and your cash buyers will close the deal with THEIR money!



You're Just Not Sure How to Get Started ::

SOLUTION :: It can be difficult to get into an entirely new business without a clear roadmap - that's why I've made the transition to our new real estate business model step-by-step - even if it's your first time doing a real estate deal. You'll know exactly which step you're on, and what step you need to do next, at all times.



You're Afraid Because You're Not Comfortable Talking to Someone "In Foreclosure" ::

SOLUTION :: We're usually not going to be dealing with folks who live in the property we're trying to buy! Using our list, we'll concentrate on people who are not getting their mail from the county and live outside the property.

Most owners like to hear from us because we're informing them of an important situation and offering another option for them!


29You're Having a Hard Time Getting "State Specifics" and "Local Specifics" on Tax Sales in Your Area::

SOLUTION ::That used to happen to me too - so I wrote a manual for each state, showing where and when to get information for past and future tax sales!


30You Think All The Cash Buyers Are Gone ::

SOLUTION :: Some incredibly powerful ways of getting cash buyers have become available in the last few months - we'll talk about the 8 best ways to find cash buyers AND collect their information automatically!

What's New in "Free and Clear Foreclosures"?

I can now get an instant, free "recent cash buyer count" for any county - BEFORE getting started there - I want there to be plenty of buyers!
Then I immediately download all the buyer records I want for almost any county, in minutes!
Just developed - Unlimited Cash Buyer Registration Websites! Set Up a New One For Each Area You Work and Buyers Join 24/7!
New! Over 50 counties located that now maintain HUGE, UP-TO-DATE tax-delinquent lists online with FREE downloads!
My software then EATS UP the list and spits out nicely formatted records - with the "3 HOTTEST SELLER GROUPS" separated out!
New! Batch Address Update - Less than ONE PENNY per record to update my mailing addresses before mailing - Phones added for about 2 cents each - emails available too. All Automated!

Big Advances in Online Skiptracing Resources!
(Get SS#'s ?!?!)

NOW - Upload mailers ONCE to - then just upload results file from our software anytime to send postcards or letters! No printing/stamps - for less than we could do it ourself!
"5 Minute Appraisal Technique" Use free online tools to get within 2k of any property's quick-sale value without leaving the office! Whatever you do - don't use Zillow Zestimates!
"Stupidly Simple" Hot Sheet / Followup / Tickler File Method That Can Double Business Almost Overnight!
Estimating Repairs Now a Thing of the Past - The Only Opinion That Matters is the Cash Buyer's, Right?!?!
Paperwork Burden Has Shrunk - No More Than 4 Pages Per Deal!

ALL WITH NO CAPITAL NEEDED FOR PROPERTIES! With the incredible advances in getting instant, proven cash buyer lists anywhere in the country, we'd be crazy to use our own cash!

( Confession - I still can't resist grabbing deeds when they're $100-$200...)

Start or Revamp YOUR Business Instantly...

Get the "Free and Clear Foreclosures" System!

I've designed a remarkable new training program, "Free and Clear Foreclosures", that'll have you trained in the both the "basics" AND our brand-new a matter of weeks days (all material now completed and posted).

Now, some people might consider this "overkill," but I want to make sure you hit the ground running so I've included in the program . . .


$1997 Value


Week 1

Module 1: Choosing Your Territory

Module 2: Getting Cash Buyers:

Week 2

Module 3
: Obtaining Your List

Module 4: Processing the List

Week 3

Module 5:

Module 6: Talking/ Negotiating/Dealmaking:

Week 4

Module 7:Analyzing / Paperwork

Module 8: Getting Paid!

8 Video Training Modules

No detail will be spared in each of the 8 training modules
- with the aid of video I'll be able to cover each subject much more completely and in-depth.

By request, each training module will have a "quick action" section, and an "explanation section" - so you can quickly find what you're looking for when reviewing or referencing.

Module 1: Choosing Your Territory: Work your own backyard, or work halfway across the country! Here you'll discover what to look for in a territory, how to work different markets, and when and how to market depending on the tax sale system of the territory you choose. ( with Instant Expert Manuals)

Module 2: Getting Cash Buyers: Having cash buyers 'at the ready; is what this whole system is about! Here you'll discover how to get a list of tax deed or tax lien auction cash buyers anywhere in the country these bidder lists are kept. Also 5 more methods to get cash buyers FAST. (with more in the Instant Cash Buyer System)

Module 3: Obtaining Your List: How to obtain lists from the county and from third party vendors at different stages in the tax sale process.

Module 4: Processing the List: So you got your list - here's how we'll make the most of it and get to the deals fast. We'll talk about which leads to mail to first, and how to use the included software (with List Wizard Software)

Module 5: Marketing to the Owner We'll send mailers to the owner, and follow up with a phone call if we get returned mail or the foreclosure is right around the corner. Also, we'll relate this module to the separate "missing owners" module (Secrets to Finding Missing Owners).

Module 6: Talking to the Owner / Negotiating / Dealmaking: Once we find the owner, we'll have a few different proposals we can make depending on the situation. Here's what we'll offer, and what we'll say.

Module 7:Analyzing the Deal and Doing the Paperwork: How to do basic analysis of the deal from your home or office before proceeding. Then, getting the paperwork signed, and your position secured.

Module 8: Getting Paid!: We got a property under contract at a great price, and our cash buyer is ready to close! Let's assign the contract and get paid!


All 50 Guides + DC Included

$2397 Value

Instant Expert State Manuals

Your companion for every state in the country + DC. Each manual contains:

Summary of the Local Tax Sale System
Explanation of the Tax Sale Process
How and Where to Get "Early and Mid-Term" Tax-Delinquent Lists
How and Where to Get Last-Minute "DeedGrabber" Lists
Analysis of the "Drop Dead Date" if any (last chance to redeem)

Public Records Access Laws - What to Expect

No two states are exactly the same (though many are very similar). Each manual will get you acquainted with a state you're considering, in no time.

BONUS: Requesting Public Records Guide


$597 Value

Instant Cash Buyer System

Cash Buyers are at the heart of the 'Free and Clear Foreclosures' System. In this separate module we'll cover:

Obtaining Lists of Tax Sale and Mortgage Foreclosure Cash Buyers
"Setting the Bait" to Get Cash Buyers to Contact You at Your Website

Getting the name of EVERY SINGLE CASH BUYER who closed on a property in your county in the last year

Building Relationships with Your Buyers
PLUS: Templates For All Your Correspondence
$397 Value

Secrets to Locating Missing Owners

One of our favorite techniques for uncovering "hidden gold" is to work our returned mail - by tracking down owners who have moved with no forwarding address, we are often the first to inform the owner of the tax problem!

In this extra module, we'll expand on:

Free Internet Searches
Locating Owners Through Social Networking Sites Like Facebook

Interviewing Neighbors and Relatives

Paid Searches


Value $897

Legal Paperwork Package

Another upside to letting our buyers close most deals, is that our paperwork load goes way down!

We'll go over the package we'll use to tie up the property while we shop it to cash buyers, and then cover how the assignment process will work.

I've also included all "buying" paperwork as well - as well as detailed explanations - because you never know when you're going to encounter an owner who will just sign over the property to you!


Value $197/$97

Quick Start Videos and Manual

The average video training module has well over 1 hour of recorded information, broken up into many parts.

Load these Quick Start Videos on your ipod for a quick review of each module while you're on the go.

Approximately 5-10 minutes in length each, with a concise summary of each Video Module

Prefer to review printed material? Refer to the Quickstart Guide for overview of importanat points from each module.

Package Value: $6776.00

You'll Also Receive These
Bonus Done-For-You Websites!

Registration Sites!

Fill out a web form in our training area with the desired information for your website and it's built automatically and instantly!

Now, send cash buyers to your website to join your email list for new properties you get under contract!

Buyer information is then sent to your email OR stored in an optional Aweber account. With an Aweber account, send hundreds of property notification emails in seconds!

Working several areas? Create all the Cash Buyer Registration Sites you need!


Corporate / About Us / We Buy Houses Site For Your Business

These days, people like to check your company out online!

Don't even spend even one minute getting a site together for your company - we have one ready to go for you! It can even collect seller information for you and send it to your email account!

Like the cash buyers website, create it instantly by filling out a short web form!


Just $997 or 3 Payments of $397!


Why Is Tax-Delinquent Property Such a 'Slam Dunk' Opportunity?

  • The business model itself has no physical borders. You can put it into play in your town, your state, or anywhere in the country where working the business makes sense. And if for some reason you're not happy doing business locally, there's no reason not to move to greener pastures where opportunity abounds.
  • No expensive equipment or fancy hi-tech gear is needed. We run our business with a computer, and internet connection, and a cell phone. That's about all you really need, but if you want to splurge, a fax machine is always handy to have around.
  • It's not only easy to learn, it's equally easy to run. The system is "process driven" so it's almost as easy as "flipping a switch" to handle whatever situation arises. What do you do when a list comes in? How about a call from a seller? There's a step-by-step process already set up and you just follow along to get the results you need.
  • Whenever you start a new business there's that unenviable learning curve to be conquered, and pretending it's easy or doesn't exist just ignores reality. I've attempted to wrestle that darn learning curve to the ground and make it as painless as possible to get you past.
  • Are you risk averse like me? If so, you'll appreciate just how little it takes to get your own tax delinquent property business up and running, especially when you don't invest a bunch of cash but use cash buyers. That means every deal is no money down. Sellers get paid when we get paid so writing checks and hoping things turn out "okay" is now a thing of the past.
  • Is there really ZERO competition? No, not for the most common tax sale situations. There are some savvy investors out there who've stumbled onto the business and are starting to make inroads, but you probably won't run into more than a couple in any given area. All that means is you need strategies that put you ahead of the pack and we've got those strategies in full gear.
  • There are situations where there really is no competition, and if you know where to look you'll find fresh ground where you are the only player in the game. Those are opportunities that haven't been made public and will be disclosed only to "Free and Clear Foreclosures" students.
  • Why is this the "perfect work from home" opportunity? Easy! Since most everything is done online or through the mail, there's no need to open an office or have a staff of assistants to get started. Sure, your business may develop into a "big deal" that outgrows your home office, but there's no need for it just to get things off the ground.
  • And since "home-based" is where we recommend you start, there's almost no overhead! Who doesn't have a computer, an email account and a phone? If you're already set up, there's really no additional overhead. Sure, plan on paying for business cards and a website so you look and act like a real business, but that's about all you'll need. Actually, forget about the website, it comes with the training!!!
  • I'm sometimes asked if age is a factor and if anyone, young or old, can work this business. Absolutely. If you're 18 or 88 or somewhere in between, you can be making money with tax-delinquent property just like the rest of us.

How's This For a REAL Guarantee?

1"My 30 Day Guarantee"
I'm never satisfied unless you are more than satisfied. So here's my simple "no small print" guarantee. Try the "Free and Clear Foreclosures" System today and put it through the ringer. Use every strategy and technique as many times as you like for a full 30 days.

You be the judge, if this program doesn't deliver everything I've promised or if you're unhappy with it for any reason, simply send me an email and I'll refund your order.

I have no problem making this iron-clad guarantee because I've personally used the techniques found in the system to successfully buy and resell dozens of tax delinquent properties.

It's Not Too Late To Get Started!

Can you imagine making profits like the students I've featured here, in the first month or two you're in business? And can you see yourself working from home, setting your own hours and not sitting in traffic? Are you sick of the daily grind?

It's time to make that change and take action!

Listen, I've been at this tax sale thing for more than a couple years now, and I can tell you with 100% certainty there really is no better opportunity I know of (and believe me, I've looked).

Jump on board today, learn what it takes to stop these properties from going through the tax sale process, and start seeing those checks headed your way. It really is just that simple.