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Tax Sale Investing is FINALLY Easy and Profitable
With My "Tax Sale Sniper System"


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  • December 2-5 


  • Columbia, SC
    (Richland County, SC Tax Sale)





The Tax Sale Sniper System

For a long time tax sales just weren't profitable for most investors - days and even weeks of investigation had to be done before bidding - and then most properties were bid out of sight!

Using our new Tax Sale Sniper system, we're able to find the bargains that slip through the cracks at tax auctions around the country - and spend only a day or less preparing fully for each sale!

This is working right now - these liens were purchased September 26, 2016 (see more properties below) for  only $274-$2136 each at the full-price initial sale.  Now for the liens at the sale we'll attend, earn a minimum 30% APR return on each OR a deed to the property!  Leave our live event with the tools, equipment, and strategy to do this yourself nationwide!


Attorney Recommended

Indiana Tax Sale Attorney Jonathan Petersen had this to say about Rick and the "Tax Sale Sniper" software/viewer that you will receive as part of attending the conference.

-Take With You Anywhere to Download and Review Lists!
-Take Photos of Property
-Make Field Notes
-Create Optimal GPS Route For You or a Local Assistant to Get Pictures Before the Sale
-Wifi Hotspot Included Also!


The Event

Three days packed full of learning - and YES it will be FUN too!

  • DAY 1
  • 9:00am - 12:00pm

    Tax Sales in SC

    We'll cover all the details you need to know to invest at the tax sale coming up on Day 3-4!

  • 1:00 pm - 5:00pm

    Using the Tax Sale Sniper Viewer

    We'll start tackling the list for the sale and get you oriented with your new equipment.

  • 6:00pm - 9:00pm


    Enjoy dinner with RIck and Staff - discuss anything on your mind and get ready for tomorrow's road trip!

  • DAY 2
  • 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

    Bus Tour - Auction Properties

    We've eliminated most properties from the list - now we'll look at all the properties on our short list, before the auction!

  • DAY 3
  • 8:00am - ?


    We'll all attend the live auction - see all of your training put into action at the sale!

  • After the Auction....

    Post-Auction Lien Assignments!

    Interested in some of the liens we purchased at the auction?  Get one or more of them assigned to you after the sale and you're in business!

Get Properties Like These at Tax Sales Nationwide!

Recent Property Acquisitions from Tax Sale Auctions

  • 2015 Seminar Group

    We had a great time learning how to get great deals on tax sale property last year in Muncie, IN - several students got properties from just one lien!

  • Lien at 2016 Event
    Mickey and Marilyn took home this lien for just $1209.98

  • Scott Got This Lien Just $1593

    It's true - you can get liens on great properties like this, with a good chance of getting deed to the property - for just $1593.

  • 2015 Student Got this Property- 9.75 Wooded Acres - $11,000
    Value:  $50,000+

    Rod was not paid off during the redemption period and will be getting a tax deed!

  • Bobby grabbed a nice one here!

    Just $1158 was all it took for a chance at this property - and a minimum 15% return if he's redeemed.

  • 3 AC - Just $932

    Marg came in from Australia and left with this SWEET lien, and her deed just came in for this 3 AC with utilities on site, for under $1000!

  • Large House - Under $1000!

    Alfred got a deed to this propertyfor less than $1000!

  • 15%+ Return or This House for $880

    Ron may have gotten the bargain basement deal of everyone at the event with this clean property.

  • Your Host-
    Rick Dawson

    I've been in the tax sale investing industry for almost 20 years.  I'm constantly developing new and better ways to invest, and I'm EXCITED to show you our latest developments at the event!

  • Meet Michelle!

    You've been talking with her on the phone at DeedGrabber.com for years - meet her in person at the event and learn from her 10 years of tax sale experience!

  • Our Newest Team Member - Tery!

    Tery is a marketing and social media expert we've brought board and she does a great job putting together all our events!

  • Apply NOW!

    The event is less than one month away and we're filling up fast - strict limit of 25 attendees.

    Apply for the event at TaxInvestorPro.com


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Got a burning question? It may be answered already below!

  • Which liens can I get after the sale?  Do I have to buy a lien?
    First choice of the liens we purchase goes to the first to apply, second choice to the second to register, and so on.  You do not HAVE to purchase any of the liens we buy at the sale but why wouldn't you!?!?  You will leave this event a tax sale investor!
  • Do I need to have a tablet to use the VIewer/Navigator?
    NO!  Each attendee is given a top-of-the-line Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet with the viewer/navigator installed, as part of the cost of attendance.  You can also use the viewer on your home computer and phone.
  • How is Transportation Handled?  Hotel Rooms? Meals?
    You won't need any transportation other than from the airport to the hotel (shuttle available).  We will give you the hotel information after you apply.  Breakfast will be provided daily and lunch the day of the bus tour.  Other lunch and dinners will be on your own or with other group members.