Concept 1 - Persistence (You're Subscribed!)

The 10 Essential Concepts Behind DeedGrabbing:

Concept 1

Behind every tip, technique and trick there are overall concepts that are essential for success. Once you internalize these, nothing can stop you!

I hate it when I read real estate investing information and it's filled with fluff. You know, the stuff where you have to read 3 chapters on goalsetting, motivation, and all that other junk that the author needs to include to get his page count up. All you really want to know is, how do I get out there and make money?

So, I try to write my materials very straight to the point, and with only solid real estate investing information.

With all that said, I think I'm going to lose a lot of you right here with Concept 1, because the first essential concept of DeedGrabbing might sound like one of those motivational fillers if you don't take it to heart; but it's the single most important concept. If you follow it, you can't fail.

Essential Concept #1: "You must be DETERMINED to succeed, and not allow anything to stop you".

I can see some of you reaching for the 'back' button right now. Ignore this concept at your own peril.

I've been involved in real estate since 1999 (or 2000 if you don't consider mobile homes "real estate" 🙂 Yes, I got started buying used mobile homes and reselling them on payment plans.

And I was thinking about you, trying to get started DeedGrabbing right now, while pondering my last 10 years' experience. You know, there are times when deal after deal falls into your lap, and it almost seems too effortless. But there is also another side to real estate investing.

Deals sometimes fall apart at the last minute. Mailings sometimes don't produce results. You can experience shortages of cash on your journey or even losses on deals.

Almost invariably, starting out as a new real estate investor has its ups and downs. I've had my share of "downs", just like everyone else:

-I scraped together $2000 to buy my first resale mobile home, did a bunch of work on it, and lost money when I tried to resell it

-I learned from that, bought a dozen more mobile homes, resold them on payment plans, and had a very hard time collecting payments on them from my buyers. I even gave up collecting on a few.

-I decided to "move up" to rehabbing homes, doing all the work myself, and barely earned what a laborer would have made on my first one

-After refining that, I eventually got 3 crews and 2 partners together to rehab 50 homes a year, only to have my buyers' mortgage money largely dry up in the area I was working

-I had to refinance 20 homes in inventory, rent them out, and had to pay thousands of dollars out of my pocket each month to cover mortgages.

In fact, the fallout from that last fiasco wiped out everything I had worked so hard to build for 6 years. But I knew one thing: I was going to figure out this real estate game no matter what it took. So I dusted myself off, and made a promise to myself that I would never put myself in a vulnerable position like I had with my last rehabbing enterprise.

My partners in the rehab game had enough. They moved on to more comfortable pursuits, and in fact are doing quite well today. As for me, I couldn't quit. Though I had nothing apparent going for me, including money, I did have one thing: DETERMINATION.

I also had one successful mailing under my belt, which I had previously made to some tax sale owners who were about to lose their property. I was determined to grow that success and improve my techniques and approach.

And even that wasn't easy. If you've read my ebook, you know I made some pretty serious mistakes refining my DeedGrabbing technique, but at least nothing on the order of the mistakes I had made in the past.

Over the course of a year or two, I kept trying new techniques, and dropping techniques that failed me. Now I no longer invest large amounts of money in deals, except for the occasional high-profit "slam dunk". I'm not dependent on buyers to pay top price for my properties. I even tie up properties for little or no money out of pocket and "roll the dice" to see if I can make a profit.

I hope the information I present to you, keeps you from making a lot of the same mistakes I did. But no matter what, you'll have your downs as well, it's just a fact of real estate investing (I doubt you've heard that from anyone else who sells real estate information - but I dare to be different).

The question is: When will you quit?

Assess yourself and decide if you're willing to make a commitment. If you're looking to get rich quick with no effort, I won't be able to help.

With the economy bad right now, "get rich quick" offers on the internet are exploding - real estate schemes are no exception. If you're still here, I can tell that you are digging below the surface more than most, and that you're taking this pursuit seriously.

If you haven't already, pick up the DeedGrabber ebook now, and get all the details. If DeedGrabbing is not for you, request a quick refund. Simple. You can even keep the ebook just for trying it out.

Otherwise, follow the instructions in the ebook and keep going until you succeed.

Comments? Leave them below. I'm notified and always answer promptly!

Tomorrow - "How many deals will I get if I send X letters?"


Rick Dawson
The DeedGrabber

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Tim March 27, 2012 at 5:05 pm

Just a line to let you know your pretty cool. I have been doing real estate for 8 years now and after reading this last concept and all the other material you have posted I find my self to be in tune to your method. I have invested in 7 properties in my 8 years. I also lost on some and made out pretty well on others. I realized being a landlord was not for me but it worked well for others. I tried flipping, I tried hold and sell after 5 years, and of course hold and collect the land lord way.
I need to get in, get out, grab some profits and keep moving. I will try your method and let you know.
Till then,


silvino Camacho September 16, 2012 at 3:20 pm

Hey Rick, seems like we have so much in common that, After reading what you have to tell us, I feel that I am not alone. All I can say is BRAVO, This is my teacher.


Dirk Flournoy December 14, 2012 at 8:16 pm

Rick,you are so right. My dad trained horses for a living, and always told me,
"If you get bucked off, you have to get back on that horse. And keep getting back on until the horse can't buck you off. If you don't, he will buck every time anybody gets on him. " and then he would say" If you can't do this,then
you can't even begin to train a horse". In the late 1980s I bought a real estate
course, and started buying fixer up houses. I did pretty good,and was on track to having a million dollars worth of property, and $1000.00 a month positive cash flow, and about $400,000.00 of equity out of that million.
And that course didn't say one thing about tax sales or leans.!!!
Now 25 yrs. later, I'm so excited to learn about this,and really want to get back in the saddle..!!! The trouble is in the "90s" I got married. She seen this dumb country boy cameing, she got more money out of me than I knew I had.
Its time to get back on track,or in the saddle, if you know what I mean. At 53
it not as easy. I need all the help I can get. I guess what I'm trying to say is
Thank you. For lighting that fire, I hope I can keep it going.


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