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What is a DeedGrabber? What is DeedGrabbing? The first question I am often asked is, “What is a DeedGrabber?” Here is the short answer: A DeedGrabber is an investor who gets a deed to (buys) property that is about to be lost to a tax sale investor. Read my article Tax Sale Basics for a more complete understanding of how most tax sales work. Can YOU Be a DeedGrabber? Nearly anyone can use the DeedGrabbing technique to profit from tax sales. Why? Because, as a rule, we do not risk or invest more than a few hundred dollars on any given

(If you missed Part 1 of this story in the last email - click here) The whole reason I had gotten interested in tax sales in the beginning was that I'd been buying some cheap properties from a local broker, Jonathan - and noticed all these properties were owned by the same company. I finally asked Jonathan where this company was getting all of its properties, and found out that they had gotten them from our county tax sale. So I figured, "let's cut out the middleman", and I set off to buy at the tax sale (unsuccessfully) like I was told you about last time.

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Small Change in Indiana Tax Lien Sale System Means Big Changes At This Fall's Auctions?

Indiana recently passed a minor change to their tax sale system. 95% of it remains the same - but it may never be the same again. In the "tax sale investing world", little changes made by the state can result in monumental differences in how the sales will operate moving forward. The change? The return to tax sale investors for part of their bid has been reduced from 10% per year to 5% per year. How could a small change like that - a 5% reduction on part of the bidder's investment, shake things up so much? Read on. How

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Establishing Contact with a Homeowner Prior to a Deed-Grab

Establishing Contact with a Homeowner Prior to a Deed-Grab  When you write feeler letters to homeowners in property tax delinquency, you need to be able to anticipate the kind of calls you will receive. The way you handle these first phone calls from homeowners can determine the outcome of your deed-grab deals. Some callers tend to be suspicious about how someone who is not an employee of the county could possess information about their tax sale. Others tend to be uneasy about how you located them at a new address. Usually, mentioning that you get all your information out of

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Expanding Your Deed-Grabbing Horizons

Expanding Your Deed-Grabbing Horizons  Deed-grabbing is usually only practiced on homes whose owners have been delinquent on their county tax dues for long enough to be at risk of losing their properties to a tax sale any day. In some cases, though, you can make a profitable deal on a property that's many months or years from such a tax sale. The benefit to getting to such properties early in the game is easy to see. If you only went after properties in a tax sale, you would only get to work once a year, right before the county actually

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What Are Tax Certificates?

Of all the ways to invest, one that is always overlooked by every investment broker is tax lien certificates. This is one way to make money off of the tax system and possibly gain land. This is also one of those methods that few people get into because there is some risk not associated with other forms of investing. What are they? When homeowners are delinquent on paying taxes, some states allow the counties to sell a certificate in the amount owed. If the homeowner is able to come up with the money, then they pay the amount back with

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Tax Lien Property: Increase Odds of Getting a Property by 5 Times!

Going blindly into tax lien auctions and expecting to obtain cheap properties is not something you can expect to happen. The fact is, 93-98% of all tax liens purchased at a tax lien auction will eventually pay off, leaving the investor with only interest and no property. However, there is a 3-step approach to tax lien auctions that will easily increase the number of properties you obtain by 500% or more. Step 1: Pre-Sale Intelligence and Marketing If the tax lien auctions you’re pursuing have a large number of liens offered, make sure to get the list on a spreadsheet

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Tax Liens: Which "Camp" Are You In?

"Investors" interested in tax liens invariably fall into one of two camps: 1. True Investors: Plain and simple, true investors want to park cash, and earn an above-market rate. True investors don't want to have to actively manage their investment; they want their cash to do the earning for them. Tax liens ARE a bit of an active investment, however. Research is required before buying them, and a certain amount of work is required to comply with ongoing obligations. For instance, after holding the lien for some time, it's required to notice the owner and other interested parties that the

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Tax Properties - 5 Things You Should Know

At some point in everyone's real estate investing career, tax properties enter the scene as the "miracle" real estate investing vehicle. Usually this comes about because of a tax sale guru's promise of free and clear properties for only a hundred bucks or so. Unfortunately, this just isn't how it works 99% of time - at least if you do things the "usual way". What You Should Know About Tax Properties 1. The number one thing you'll discover when you go to your first tax sale, is that there is always a catch. If the properties are being sold outright

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